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Dr. Dawn Trimm Jones is an international speaker, teacher, author and researcher of the word. A true visionary and an anointed preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Jones has a mandate to educate and to bring understanding to God’s people through practical teaching of powerful principles, found in the word of God.

Known for her soundness and prophetic accuracy; Dr. Jones ministers healing and deliverance to the very core of the soul; breaking bondages, healing past hurts and depositing a clarity that is truly life changing.

A native of Trinidad and Tabogo, she was dedicated on a satanic altar at the age of twelve. She was then trained to be an intercessor on behalf of the kingdom of darkness, a demonic assignment that led to a day and night fight for her life. It was the power of the word of God that brought her to a place of total deliverance, healing, restoration, hope and victory!

Today she is a well-seasoned apostolic voice, uniquely gifted to minister to pastors and leaders. She is an author whose research books are used in Bible colleges. She is heard daily on world-wide internet, radio and TV. She is also the visionary and overseer of a world-wide prayerline, made up of an international team of intercessors, committed to daily corporate prayer.

Dr. Jones is the founder and pastor of Beth’el Family Worship Center, located in Douglas, Georgia. It is here that she equips and trains God’s people to walk in maturity and integrity. Her husband, Pastor Mack Jones, is a pillar in the church, serving faithfully with her. She has four beautiful children and one granddaughter.