Bethe’l Family Worship Center was founded in September 1987 by Dawn M. Moore as a result of the call of God upon her life to begin teaching the principles of a higher life through Christ Jesus and to pioneer a ministry that moved beyond the traditional styles of liturgy.

Our Challenge is to combine worship and success principles to assist contemporary Christians in transforming from the wilderness type scribe ad Pharisee religious system to the promise land of faith, liberty and abundance in accordance with the mindset of Christ through the years, the temptation of to be “like” other churches has pressed us on every side, but by the grace of God we continue to remain versatile and unique.

Our Guiding Philosophy

The actions of a person are influenced by his belief system. What we think about ourselves, life and its intricate parts ultimately determines what we do. Thus, our vision or our directive mindset is the foundation for which we build ministries. Without clear directions our actions are sporadic, impulsive and unprogressive. That is, “where is no vision the people perish”. So Bethe’l Family Worship Center is a church of vision, with a sense of call, motivated by faith, flowing in the spirit of excellence, qualified by the grace of God, authorized by the anointing, balanced by a wholistic approach to life and the avoidance of excesses, climatized by Joshuaic teaching and Davidic worship, infiltrating our world as seasoning salt gifted by the Holy Spirit to be agents and witnesses of the Kingdom of God.

More specifically, it is the vision of Bethe’l Family Worship Center to have a positive influence on today’s youth, be a prophetic voice interpreting the season of our day, display the beauty of holiness, evangelize our community through godly availability and edify the Body of Christ.

The vision of Bethe’l Family Worship Center is perpetual and progressive. It is our conviction to pursue it with excellence. We recognize our call to be pace setters and pioneer, so we consistently introduce untraditional concepts of the ministry.

The Character of Our Ministry

There is a certain climate, atmosphere or spirit that characterizes every church. That disposition creates a positive or negative reputation for the church. Therefore they are required to know the personality of the Kingdom life and strive to promote the same to avoid the display of an alien from the commonwealth of Christ.

  1. We flow in the spirit of unity. “How good and pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity” says David. Where there is unity, there is strength and peace. Where there is confusion there is every evil work. Rebellion and division cannot be tolerated.
  2. We have a feeling of self worth without being proud, arrogant, haughty and self centered. We understand that we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people called to maintain a lifestyle that will be complimentary of Jesus Christ.
  3. We are a people of positive emotions such as love, compassion, joy, esteemers of one another and caretakers of one another. Strife, gossip, backbiting jealousy and malice is negative and destructive.
  4. We maintain a balance between the sacred and the secular. We are spiritual not religious and natural but not superficial. We choose to look, talk, dress, serve and worship with an attitude of excellence.
  5. We maintain a spirit of hope, faith and love. We believe that no one gets on a airplane with out a final destination. Therefore every member of this ministry together has one destination.

NOTE: If you are transferring from one church to this ministry we encourage you to deal with an established principle; “No one transfers from one place to another without their baggage.

We believe that when one is transferred from one ministry to another they carry a baggage labeled “cultural baggage” from their previous church. The contents consisting of your own agenda and expectations and beliefs.

We believe to keep a ministry flowing in the same direction purposes must be defined clearly so that no one will become part of this body of false assumptions and will weed out all hidden agenda at the start.

Operational Goals

Jesus said, “every branch that beareth fruit my Father pruneth it that it may bring forth more fruit” This scripture teaches us that Christ had a conviction about quality and not quantity.

Paul said 1 Cor 12:18 But now God hath set the members every one of them in the body as it hath pleased him. But now are they many members but one body.